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The Quadcopter 3DR Solo Review


800 m Control Range

2 hour Recharge

30 min Flight Time

GoPro Compatible


The 3DR Solo is a highly advanced quadcopter that is sure to satisfy most drone pilots. You can capture hollywood style movie footage at the press of a few buttons. The fit, finish, quality and build of this drone is incredible. The matte black finish makes this drone a very sleek and good looking drone. Each arm of the drone has colored LED lights to help you establish its orientation visually. You can also configure the color of the LED lights to your liking. The landing gear is not totally rigid and provides some flex to soften landings.

When you do get your new 3DR Solo quadcopter, we know you are going to be eager to turn it on and go flying. What you should do is take some time to run the level and compass calibration routine. This will ensure that the drone hovers and flies level.

3DR Solo Review

Pros and Cons

Good flight time

The smart power system gives extra flying time.

High build quality

This a sleek and solidly built drone.

GoPro Compatible

This drone is a perfect match for your GoPro.

No products found.

No products found.

Fixed in place camera

A gimbal can be mounted to resolve this.

No collision avoidance

This drone doesn’t have onboard obstacle detection.

GPS has slight lag

The GPS sometimes can cause drift.


The controller has an onboard computer that serves as a communications hub with the drone and your smartphone or tablet. The controller has a spring loaded mount that can accommodate your smartphone or a 7″ tablet.

The control sticks do the usual commands with the left for yaw and elevation, and the right for moving forward, backwards and for strafing. There is are configurable A and B buttons that can be programmed for different flight modes. There is a dedicated return to home button. The fly button handles automatic takeoff and landing. There is also a small display screen in the middle of the controller which will display any alerts or warnings.

There is no cable that connects your smartphone or tablet directly to the controller. So the connection is established by setting a wifi hotspot. So you turn on the wifi on your smart device and link to the drone. Of course, if you fly your drone to far the signal quality degrades and you may lose communications with the 3DR. Be sure to change the default wifi password to avoid any potential problems.

The app is available for both Android and Apple OS devices.


3DR Solo Review Video

Battery and Flight Time

With the battery fully charged, you can expect about 20 minutes of flight time. I it will take you about an hour to charge the battery.


The drone does not come with a camera, but is designed to be used with a GoPro camera. This drone is marketed as having full integration with a GoPro camera. However, you can’t directly capture GoPro imagery on the drone. What you can do is do a screen grab of the image and video of what is being seen on your tablet or smartphone. You also can’t turn on the GoPro camera from the controller itself. You have to turn it on manually before it is available to capture images. However, the streamed live video from the GoPro to your smart device is still a very cool feature.

Flight Performance

This drone is not difficult to fly. Once you watch the 20 minute 3DR flight academy videos, you are ready to take this drone airborne. This drone has a number of pre-programmed flight modes. In the selfie mode, the drone flies towards you from preset points A and B for a dramatic looking shot. In cable cam the drone moves from point A to B as if, as the name implies, the camera was sliding on a cable. The orbit mode commands the drone to circle the controller at a preset distance while keeping the camera pointed at you. Follow mode has the drone trailing the user.

The brains of the drone autopilot ensure that you will not crash this robust quadcopter.
The drone has very stable flight dynamics and can accommodate the unexpected wind gusts.

3DR Solo Review Summary

If you are looking to capture aerial footage using your GoPro, then this is the drone for you. It takes little to no time to learn how to fly this drone. Also, the smart onboard flight computer will ensure that no damage comes to your GoPro camera.


3DR Solo

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3DR Solo Review Brief


The 3DR Solo quadcopter is powered by twin 1 GHz processors, making it the world’s first smart quadcopter that is also very easy to fly. Smart features like pushbutton flight control, and computer aided imaging makes the 3DR Solo the perfect platform for aerial photos and videos. The brains of the 3DR solo is composed of two 1 GHz processors that allow for the capture of incredibly smooth aerial photoography. This drone features some of the most novel and unique technologies. This drone is the first to feature wireless video streaming in high quality definition from the camera directly to your smartphone. The full 3DR Solo review provides further information.

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