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The Best Racing Drones – Satisfy Your Need for Speed


The best racing drones are small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) designed for competition purposes. They are often used in first person view racing events which are normally held in various cities around the globe. Drone racing is fun and if you participated in the Hawaii 2016 World championship, then you know how entertaining the sport is.

Unlike camera drones, racing drones fly fast and quickly and if you’re no longer interested in cars and bikes anymore, then you may want to try them. In case you’re planning to participate in a drone racing competition, be sure to have a high-tech powerful drone that can help increase your odds.

Racing FPV drones come with mounted cameras that enable you to control the quadcopter. Each competitor wears a head-mounted display that provides live stream feeds from the quadcopter. The images you see are usually transmitted via radio waves. Most drone racing sports are done indoors to reduce hazards that may occur.
However, before flying your drone you may need to register first and check the legality of the sport in your country if you want to fly it outdoors. Now, before heading to the market to get yourself a good racing drone, there are factors you need to keep in mind.

Racing Drone Durability

No one would want to imagine crashing their lovely drones but it usually happens. No drone racer is perfect and if you are a beginner venturing into drone racing for the first time, then you might encounter a few crashes before you progress to the pro level. Therefore, the endurance of your drone is vital. In case of a crash, propellers might break off and is worse for the case of heavy drones.

This is why lightweight models are most preferred since they don’t suffer extensive damage in case of a crash. Always emphasize on buying a drone with a tough and durable frame. Carbon fiber is considered the best.

Moreover, in the course of your racing, you might want to buy different replacement parts like batteries, props, motors, frames, and ESCs. It pays to consider the cost of these replacement parts. Even if a drone comes with a decent warranty, it covers only the manufacturer defects and not the damage that may occur when you’re flying the drone.

Drone Maneuverability

As a first-time drone racer, you’ll just need a drone that is easy to fly around. However, for the advanced drone racers who want to perform a series of acrobatic turns and twists, a drone with great maneuverability is ideal. The maneuverability of a drone is determined by its flight stability level, control response time, lift power and banking predictability.

The response time is the time a drone takes to respond to the commands you make. Racing drones come with flight control software that determines the stability of your drone. Props, motors, and ESCs define the lift power of a drone. These drones also come with powerful motors and efficient props that deliver great lift power.

Best Racing Drones Comparison

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This makes it easy for you to negotiate sharp corners and race faster than other competitors. You can consider a drone with 10.1 power to weight ratio. High-quality 3S and 4S motors are also paramount. Props should be thin, lightweight and efficient.

Racing Drone Speed

Speed is critical in any type of competition and drone racing is no exception. You need speed to win. Most racing quadcopter drones come with speeds of over 75 mph. Speed should go hand in hand with maneuverability.

It makes no sense to buy a high-speed drone that is hard to maneuver around.

Racing Drone Flight Time

Although drones aren’t designed to last for long in the air, it is advisable to consider their flight time when buying one. These devices can only last for up to five minutes in the air but often come with very quick and short power and speed outburst. This is why they sap the battery power very fast.

They are not like camera drones that take up to 15-20 minutes in the air. This is because they allow you to take as many aerial photographs as you want. It is good to pay attention to the battery life of your drone.

Budget and Affordability

If you are a beginner, then you might want a cheaper drone as you rise up your learning curve. For the pro racers, you should never compromise on the quality of your drone especially if you want to use it for competition. For instance, you may need a drone that comes with an LCD monitor or goggles.

Those with LCD monitors are cheaper compared to those with goggles, but they still give you clear images. Goggles provide a more immersive viewing experience and can cancel all distractions that may occur as you race. This is why they are mostly preferred by professional racers.

Good Camera is Important

Pilots who race drones often prefer quadcopters with a dual camera system. A good HD action camera alongside an FPV is good for any serious racer. FPV cameras often record analog videos with low light sensitivity and low latency. HD action cameras record high-quality videos with greater color representation. Factors such as form factor, mounting, connectors, and lens type are quite essential.

The most common types of FPV cameras you’ll find on the market are the Runcam and Foxeer. With a good camera, you can clearly see the direction where your drone is heading. The quality of the picture relayed matters. Choose a camera that has a resolution of between 700-800 TVL.

Best Racing Drones Reviews

1. Walkera F210 Review

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  • Responsive racer
  • Strong carbon body
  • Optimized flight controllers

  • Long battery charging time
  • No safety features
  • Short flight time

The first thing you should look for in a racing drone should be the speed and agility. Walkera F210 30 Edition provides exactly that and more.

The drone is suitable for both beginners and expects racers. The body is designed with a sleek full carbon body which is an anti-shock and durable. If you buy this Ready-To-Fly drone you are going to get everything intact with a quick start guide to start your off, a CO controller, a user manual to help you learn about the parts, functions and the features. You’ll also get a DEVO-7 Radio, 8V 1300Mah lithium battery plus an extra battery together with a Battery Charger.

You will get a remarkable experience with the advanced live video On Screen Display System together with the 700TVL camera that delivers clean and crisp images with FPV goggles. You can also tilt it to find a perfect angle for your racing.

The powerful 4S 1300mAh 40C battery ensures you get around 5-9 minutes flight time depending on your style and environmental conditions. The recharging time takes about 90 minutes. It has powerful brushless motors that make it a responsive flyer and it’s also solid crash resistant. You can also make use of different modes that you can boot.

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2. Arrix X-Speed 250B Review

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  • Customizable
  • Steady video footage
  • A good flight time

  • No battery charger
  • Low payload capacity
  • Body is difficult to assemble

Arris is one of the most trusted drone manufacturers over the last decades. One of their best works is this X-Speed 250B V2 which is the best quad racer for racing lovers.

It comes with a reliable and smooth standard 1806 brushless motors. It offers decent crash and collisions protection with a robust frame and durable arms. You will also love the idea that you can customize it to suit your racing needs. Everything you need to start practicing with this drone is all available. It is based on Raptor 360 Tower and 30AESC and F3 flight controller. You also get Radiolink AT9 transmitter, PO board and a 4S 1500mAh LiPo battery for a good flight.

The 700TVL camera is a good catch for this craft with a fully adjustable tilt to give you enough room for perfect setting and produces a good video quality with no delays. You can also adjust the First Person View (FPV) camera from 0-20 degrees. It has a vibration damper plate that ensures the videos are constant. It also comes with a receiver and a transmitter both RC and FPV.

The craft goes up to 10 minutes of racing time depending on the battery and weather conditions. It, however, lacks FPV goggles and battery charger.

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3. RISE Vusion 250 Review

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  • Two attractive colors
  • Three flight modes
  • Great FPV experience

  • Short flight time
  • Long charging time
  • Bulky FPV goggles

Rise Vusion 250 Extreme has a polished finished look ideal for those who want something different from the boring carbon fiber Crones. It comes with a beautiful design and a black/yellow color scheme making it eye-catching to attract many people.

Its segmented modular design and it’s tough, injection molded airframe which is crash resistant. The manufacturers of this craft understand that everybody goes crushes whether a pro or a beginner. You don’t have to worry because the Rise Vusion 250 bounces back from accidents with no serious impacts.

The drone is completely assembled and comes with everything you need to start racing. What you are going to find in the box when you buy this drone include; fully assembled quadcopter, 6-channel 2.4GHz radio, 8GHZ video transmitter, FPV goggles, 600 TVL FPV camera, LCD video monitor and a LiPo battery charger plus AA batteries.

It has three flight modes, i.e. mode 1 which the beginner mode, mode 2 which gives more control over roll angles and tilt but keeps auto settings, mode three ideal for competent and confident pilots. The flight time takes around 7 to 8 minutes with up to 90 minutes battery recharging time. You can never underestimate the performance of this drone since it’s highly responsive and glides smoothly.

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4. Arris Racer C250 Review

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  • Secure battery compartment
  • Bright headlights
  • Fast and responsive

  • Difficult to assemble
  • Poor instruction manual
  • No RTF version

Arris Racer 250 is also a name that is loved by many due to its performance, features and design. It is made with a good old carbon fibre frame with a mushroom antenna that gives it a classic look.

It is a perfect racing machine thanks to its lightweight ideal for a faster flight. So what’s in the box? When you buy the Arris Racer 250, you are guaranteed to find everything you need to start flying. These include LiPo 11.1V 1500mAh 25C battery, four brushless motors, headlight cables, instruction manual, and European adapter for the charger among others.

The key features that make it stand out from the rest include the ultra-bright headlights with 3W white LED lights gives you enough light when racing in darkness, tiltable FPV camera, powerful brushless motors and secure battery compartments to keep batteries in place during flight.

It also features a dedicated flight controller together with 1500mAh battery which gives it a flight mode of up to 15 minutes. You also get OSD information such as flight time, battery voltage and available channels. What makes it a little disappointing is the complicated nature of the body which makes it difficult to assemble. You can find a bunch of online tutorials that will help you with this.

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5. Eachine Wizard X220 Review

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  • LED orientation lights
  • Neoprene bumpers
  • Comes with spare props

  • ARF assembly tricky
  • Receiver loosely strapped
  • Not for beginners

There are two versions available for this drone. There is a RTF (ready to fly) and ARF (almost ready to fly) version. If you already have a controller, then the ARF is the best option for you.

The 2206 motors powered by the 4S Lipo batteries provide plenty of lift and flying performance. This drone has comparable performance to drone costing much more. The fiberglass frame provides the rigidity and toughness needed for high speed flight. The brains of this drone is powered by an Omnibus F4 processor coupled with an integrated BetaFlight OSD.

This drone is designed to fly at full speed for gate racing. This agile drone turns quickly, and takes skill and practice to fly. But with a bit of determination, you will get the hang of this. The camera on this drone has good performance. However, this camera is best suited for low altitude flight, but still works well in low light areas.

Eachine has come through yet again by developing a budget quadcopter with excellent performance. If you are looking to enter the world of FPV racing, this model is a great entry point.

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Best Racing Drones Summary



Long gone are the days when you could only read about quadcopter drones and see them in the media. They are now very common and easy to access. With all the fun that comes with racing a quadcopter drone, buying and flying one of these best racing drones can be a very exhilarating experience.

The drone industry is rapidly growing and currently, there are several brands and models on the market for you to choose from. Each drone comes with its price tag and there’s the right drone for anyone whether you’re a beginner or pro.

Conversely, you should never settle for anything less than a good racing drone. Consider factors such as speed, maneuverability, camera quality, flight time, durability and budget. Always focus on buying a stable and easy-to-maneuver drone. Longer battery life is also a plus.

To avoid regular replacements, go for a durable frame. Powerful motors provide quick acceleration. Some come with entertainment features and allow you to do gymnastic twists and rolls.

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