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The Best Selfie Drones – Portable and Affordable


Nowadays, the best selfie drones are often used by young people to take cool aerial photos for posting on social media. They are an excellent tool for taking high-elevation pictures from unique angles, that you wouldn’t otherwise get by using your bare hands or selfie stick to capture the photos.

Most of these quadcopters feature a variety of camera types from different manufacturers that provide distinct functionalities. Likewise, new models are being launched every so often that promise users even better selfie experiences. If you’re looking for the best selfie drones to use for taking photos with your friends or family, below are some of the points to consider.

Quality of Images

The type of sensor found in your drone would greatly affect the image quality. Generally, go for machines with larger sensors since they allow you to shoot top quality footages even in dim light. Sensors are available in a variety of standard sizes including; 2/3 inch, 1 inch, APS-C, Micro 4/3rds and whole frame. The bigger sensors are designed to gather more light at the same resolutions, whereas smaller ones will require greater exposure time to attain similar levels of effectiveness.

Camera resolution is also equally as important in determining photo quality, it refers to the total amount of pixels your sensor can map when capturing images. The resolution range of most drones nowadays varies between 2 and 50Mp. Generally, higher resolution cameras will allow you to attain a greater Ground Sample Distance (GSD) for any similarly sized camera sensor, compared to lower resolution units. When combined with a large sensor size, the higher megapixel resolution will make your image to be less affected by the effects of diffraction, which simply means that your picture sharpness will be great.

Likewise, it’s important to check the aperture of your selfie drone. This feature determines the time extend your sensor would be exposed to light, and also the ability of your camera to focus. If your drone’s aperture value is fixed, often marked by the letter f, then this will directly affect photos captured by your camera. Most selfie quadcopters have a low fixed aperture capacity of ex f 2.0, which positions all objects found just a short distance from the drone camera in an infinity focal point.

Best Selfie Drones Comparison

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Zoom-function and Camera File Format

Go for a drone with an integrated optical and digital zoom function that’s optimized for taking selfies. Nowadays, there are quadcopters with up to 18x optical zoom capability and also offer users unobstructed 360 degree vision for even better picture taking, some also have an incredible 30x optical and 6x automated zoom that provides a total magnification range of 180x. This allows for very detailed photos and the ability to detect any discrepancies in the selfie that can easily be edited by the user.

Furthermore, your quadcopter should support either RAW or DGN picture formats which are essential for any post-capturing work you may want to do on the photo, such as photoshop. Besides, both of these file formats create special opportunities for aerial photographers, and are ideal for shooting at night.

Though RAW files are a little bit larger compared to other compressed camera file formats such as PNG or JPEG, if your drone has a good storage capacity it can still hold all your photos no matter the number of selfies that you have taken at the time.

Additionally, some drones have thermal infrared technology infused within the machine, which allows you to take high quality pictures even in poor weather conditions or in low light environments.

Still Hovering Capability

If you want to take sharp and crisp photos then it’s essential that you get a drone that can drift in a stable way. Drones that can’t hover perfectly still while in the air aren’t good for taking selfies, since they tend to drift and rise frequently thus resulting in blurry images.

Preferably, go for a quadcopter with flight control system if you want to attain a stable hover. Also investigate on the intelligence functions the machine has to help you achieve a good balance while in flight, some of these include tracking ability, response to gestures, capacity to fly vertically and also minimize distortions when taking pictures.

Similarly, check whether your selfie drone is equipped with Gyro stabilization technology, which is a new technology that gives the machine smooth flight capability. For the best selfie-taking results, your gyroscope should work instantaneously to counteract the forces pushing against the quadcopter. The gyroscope offers detailed navigational information to your machine’s central flight controller, which is essential in maintaining balance while in the air.

Most gyroscopes are part of the drones inertial measurement unit (IMU) and work by measuring the current acceleration rate of your machine using one or several accelerometers that are available. The gyroscope can detect alterations in rotational aspects such as yaw, pitch, and roll so that you can take appropriate action towards maintaining the proper drift.

Additionally, ensure that your selfie drone is equipped with Gimbal technology which is vital for capturing high-quality aerial photos and 3D imagery. Furthermore, the gimbal prevents any vibration coming from your drone to reach the cameras and cause picture distortion.

Best Selfie Drones Reviews

1. DJI Spark Review

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  • High quality pics
  • Smart gesture control
  • Palm launch

  • Low flight time
  • No included controller
  • Low wind resistance
The DJI Spark is the best selfie drones and has obstacle avoidance, and gesture recognition. The 12 MP camera takes decent pictures, and you will get 16 minutes of flight time. You can control this drone using a smart device, or you can get the remote control, which is sold separately. For an amazing FPV flying experience, you can also get the DJI goggles.

This drone features all of the best technology available on larger DJI models, but is packed into a small, lightweight, and portable format factor that is easy to fly.

DJI took steps to make this drone user friendly given that many people are intimidated by learning how to fly a drone.

Users can take amazing pictures and videos using the TapFly, ActiveTrack, and Quickshot flight options. Pre-defined flight paths such as circling, following, and filming makes this drone easy to use.

The Spark also has many features that are usually found only on larger drone models. Obstacle avoidance, Return to Home, Precision hovering and landing are all available on this drone.

The DJI Spark is arguably the most user-friendly selfie drone that is available on the market.

Considering the Spark is made by DJI, the number one drone consumer drone manufacturer, its no surprise that this is the best choice for a new drone user who wants to take selfies.

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2. Airselfie2 Review

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  • Upgraded 12MP camera
  • Good onboard storage
  • Charges via USB-C

  • Bad wind resistance
  • Short flight times
  • Portable design
The ultra-lightweight and portable AirSelfie 2 is the thinnest, and lightest flying selfie drone that you will find. This drone only weighs 2.8 ounces. It is highly compact and can easily fit in your purse, or your pocket.

The 12-megapixel camera takes great pictures and videos and is wrapped in anti-vibration shock absorbers to provide smooth, and stable images. The built-in propeller guards allow this drone to launched from your hand or grabbed out of the air.

This drone is made from highly durable aeronautical grade aluminum. This will protect your drone from wear and tear while looking great.

You control this amazing selfie drone using an app for your iOS or Android smartphone. The app is designed to be easy to use in a very short amount of time. There are several flight modes available including Selfie, and flight depending on the type of pictures you are taking. You can fly this drone to a range of 60 feet.

The AirSelfie is an amazing pocket-sized selfie drone that connects with your smartphone to let you take amazing pictures of you, you and your friends from the sky. You can fly as high as 20 m to capture amazing photos and videos on this selfie drone.

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3. Hover Camera Passport Review

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  • Ultra portable design
  • Prop guards
  • Built-in flash

  • Only 30 fps video
  • Limited image stabilization
  • Short range
This unique drone design is made for the sole purpose of taking selfies and having it follow you. The unique portable design allows you to fold the drone, and carry it with you easily in your backpack or your purse. You can shoot videos in 4K, phots in 13 megapixels.

The built-in flash will further help you to take amazing pics. This drone is able to sense and track you using its specialized image recognition software. This drone does not have GPS, but the tracking software allows it to maintain its position in space. An onboard Snapdragon CPU handles all of the processing.

This drone folds in half and is designed for portability. The electronic components are housed in the spine of the drone, with the propellers housed in carbon fiber cages. These cages protect you from the spinning blades, allowing it to be launched safely from your hand. You can also easily grab the drone from the air due to the protected props. This increased safety makes this drone more approachable to use since there is little risk to damaging people or property.

This drone also features a high build quality that will allow this drone to last you for many years to come. The numerous features make this one of the best selfie drones.

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4. JJRC H47 Review

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  • Portable design
  • HD 720p Camera
  • Adjustable speed settings

  • Limited flying range
  • Proprietary battery
  • Adjustable camera
The JJRC is an ultra-portable drone that can be used by novice drone pilots to become familiar with a flying camera to take selfies. The portable design lets the arms fold in, and lets the drone propellers be tucked away under the drone body.

This drone has a 720p camera that takes decent video quality and photos. There is no SD card slot, so the videos and pictures are saved on your phone using the JJRC App for iOS or Android. There is no noticeable lab in the video feed, and capture performs well even when doing sudden turns. The control range is limited to 150 feet, but since this drone is designed for selfies, it’s not made to be flown far away.

This drone does feature a unique single-handed g-sensor controller that can be used as you hold your smartphone in your other hand. By tilting the controller, you get the drone to respond in the same way. Tilting the controller forward or to the side, makes the drone respond the same way.

This drone uses a proprietary battery design, that does not allow you to use generic batteries. If you want to fly longer, you must buy this unique battery.

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5. Zerotech Dobby Review

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  • Small portable size
  • Stable flight performance
  • 4K 1080p camera

  • Slightly pricey
  • Low flight time
  • No dedicated remote
This selfie drone is portable and comes equipped with a 13-megapixel camera for pictures, and 1080p video recording at 30fps. This drone is small enough to fit in your pocket and is controlled with a smartphone app for your iOS or Android phone. The brains of this drone are a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and are powered by a 970 mAh battery.

This drone is about the size of your smartphone but is a bi thick. The four arms fold out and click into place. The propellers tuck into the body of the drone as well.

There are optical and ultrasonic wave sensors on the bottom of the drone that is used to help stabilize the drone flight. The front-mounted camera can be manually angled to six different settings to help you get the perfect shot. The electronic image stabilization helps to compensate for jerky flight movements.

This drone has 16 GB of internal memory that is used to store captured photos and videos before being downloaded to your smartphone over the wifi connection.

If you are looking for a selfie drone, the Dobby drone is a great choice. This drone offers impressive performance and flight stability. The battery life could be improved, but the smart flight features make this one of the best selfie drones.

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Best Selfie Drones Summary



Over the years, the drone market has rapidly evolved to nowadays include selfie drones that are used to take cool photos for social media. If you are planning to buy this type of drone, there are certain things you should consider in order to pick the best product available.

First, ensure that your drone has a camera that provides great picture quality, this can be achieved if the machine’s camera has a high megapixel quotient and the sensors are large enough to allow sufficient amounts of light to pass through. Furthermore, your selfie drone should have zoom-function on the camera which allows you to take close up photos even from a distance.

Additionally, your quadcopter should be able to fly still when taking photos without swerving up or down, since this can cause the pictures to appear blurry. A gyroscope can also help in maintaining balance for your drone by sensing any signs of yawing, rolling or pitching and alerting you to take the proper action.

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