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The Quadcopter Dromida Ominus Review


100 m Control Range

45 min Recharge

9 min Flight Time

No Camera


In this article, we present the Dromida Ominus review which will hopefully provide you further information regarding this drone. The Dromida manufacturer has historically been a ground vehicle brand, but how they are venturing into the quadcopter market.

This is not a beginner drone, but is targeted for the more experience drone pilot who wants an extreme performance quadcopter. If you have any sort of RC experience, you will be able to easily fly this drone.

This drone can be flown indoors and outdoors. Most importantly, this drone is built to take a beating. It is highly durable, and can withstand numerous crashes even on solid concrete.
The rubber feet provides some cushioning when landing, and provides for a more stable landing.

This drone is ready to fly out of the box, and comes all that you need to get airborne. It is available in green, blue, yellow, white or red colors. It comes with very cool looking LED lights embedded in the clear rotor arms. The lights are visible for a decent distance, allowing you to know the orientation of your drone. This makes the drone easy to fly at night.

We really love the design and look of this drone. The bright colors, and unique shape of the drone makes it look like a flying frog.


Dromida Ominus Review

Pros and Cons

High agility and responsive

The agility of this drone will surprise you.

Very durable design

Solid construction using durable materials and finishing.

Amazing design and colors

Very sleek and unique design.

No products found.

No products found.

Wobbles a bit after a flip

The drone has a slight lag in response after a flip.

Throttle is slightly underpowered

Increasing power is a bit laggy and could be better.

No camera

This drone is designed for speed and agility, not for photos.

Battery and Flight Time

This one of the largest capacity battery that is included in a ready to fly quadcopter at a whopping 700mAh. It will take about 45 minutes to charge the battery, and you can expect to get 10 to 12 minutes of flight time depending on how aggressively you are flying. When the battery starts running low, you do get a 30 second battery low warning by the LED lights blinking.


The Dromida Ominus comes with a video game style controller, and unlike most other quadcopters, you get 4 AA batteries for the controller.

The drone has two modes, which can be change by clicking the right stick. The low mode reduces the agility of the drone, but the high mode opens up the drone and provides for more agile flying. The yaw rate remains the same for both modes. There are two different rates, so that effectively gives you four different flight settings.

Expert mode turns off the accelerometer allowing you to perform your own manual stunts. When activated, the LED lights blink to remind you that you are in this flight mode.


Dromida Ominus Review Video

Flight Performance

This drone is very fun to fly. You can think of this drone as a stunt quadcopter considering its speed, fast tight turns, and high agility. This drone is very responsive, and executes smooth and precise flying.

It is really fun to make this quadcopter do flips, and you can flip the quadcopter at the press of a button. Be sure you have a decent elevation because the drone does drop while it is doing the flip. Doing this too close to the ground will cause an unfortunate crash. Pick the flip direction, press the flip button and watch the drone perform.

The onboard gyroscopes and accelerometers do a decent job of keeping the quadcopter stable in normal flight. However, the drone does feel a bit sluggish when performing more aggressive maneuvers, but it is still pretty good.

This drone has amazing speed, responsiveness, and you can even fly it upside down.

Dromida Ominus Review Summary

This little quadcopter can handle aggressive flying, and you will be amazed by its flight performance. Durability is a high selling point for this drone. The “nearly impossible to break” claim by Dromida is well justified by the ruggedness of this drone.


Dromida Ominus

No products found.

Dromida Ominus Review Brief


The [easyazon_link identifier=”B00NHLALDK” locale=”US” tag=”droneomega-20″]Dromida Ominus[/easyazon_link] is an impressive aerial system that is lightweight, and durable. This quadcopter is so robust, that is borderline indestructible. You can fly this drone indoors, but outside it really opens up as it cuts through the wind and hits its maximum speed. Anyone can learn to fly this amazing quad with its stability provided for by its 3-axis gyro, and accelerometers. You can crash this quadcopter, pick it up, and put it back in the air. If you don’t care about a camera, and are looking for an acrobatic flyer, then this quadcopter is for you. Read the full Dromida Ominus Review for more information.

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