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The Quadcopter Syma X5C Review


80m Control Range

1.5 hour Recharge

7 min Flight Time

2MP Camera

If you are an aerial photography enthusiast, then you deserve an incredible camera drone. The Syma X5C is one such drone that is packed with mindboggling features. This is a high-tech quadcopter drone that is designed for beginners and seasoned fliers alike. If you are a beginner and want to explore drone flying, then this is the right drone to get you started. Read on for the full Syma X5C review.

Whether you will be flying around your yard, this drone offers you lots of fun. Since it is a new model, it possesses advanced specs that make it unique from other drone versions. If you need to learn more about this stunning drone, then read the following reviewing.

Agility and Speed

Do you love making those splendid 360-degree flips? Syma X5C comes with super-responsive controls that enable you to make those flips at the press of a button. The drone weighs 2 pounds making it the lightest drone. Due to the lightweight design, it can fly at high speed.

It offers you a better handling and stabilization as you explore your aerial photography. If you want to enjoy lots of fun and excitement, then you can fly it in areas with light winds. Higher winds can cause slight destabilization.

Design Quality

The Syma X5C resembles the DJI Phantom Vision both in design and functionality. The propeller motif and the all-white body make it adorable. The propellers are cheap, and you can get additional ones for about $7 to cushion any unexpected emergencies.

The LED lights enhance night vision and are placed just under the frame. The rear motors are greenish while the forward motors are marked orange. The Syma X5C also boasts of outstanding durability. This drone is capable of enduring crashes and dents without damage. Its size makes it highly visible when up in the sky. The propellers also come with guards for added protection in the case of a crash.

Syma X5C Review

Pros and Cons

Reasonable Price

This drone comes with a lot of features for a low price.

Great for Beginners

This drone has repsponsive controls and is easy to fly.

Smooth Flight Performance

Gyro stabilized flight allows decent tolerence to medium winds.

No products found.

No products found.

No FPV View

This makes framing images a bit more challenging.

Affected by winds.

The Mavic is a bit smaller, so is more affected by winds.

Low Flight Time

While using the camera, this drone has a short flight time.


User Friendliness

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve used it before or not. This drone comes with a multi-lingual user manual. You can also find the manual online. Right from initial set up to controlling of the drone, the Syma X5C will never bore you. The learning curve for this quadcopter drone is small and effortless. In fact, you only need 30 minutes of training, and you’ll be flying like a pro.

Camera and Storage Space

This quadcopter drone comes with a high-degree HD camera. If you love aerial photography, then you’ll be amazed at its stunning video and photo quality. You can also transfer the recorded footage into the large 2GB SD card. The drone provides 1280 by 720p recording capabilities at 30 frames per second for reasonably decent video quality. You can capture breathtaking videos and images at great heights. You can turn the camera on and off from a distance. Besides, you can also pause the videos when recording.


The Syma X5C comes with 3.7-volt 500mAh lithium-ion battery that enables you to enjoy up to seven minutes of flight time without recharging it. The flight time can vary depending on the settings of your drone. There is one other thing, if you want to extend your flight time, you can detach the camera by removing the prop guards and landing gear. Recharging the battery takes about 90 minutes.

Remote Control Transmitter

The Syma X5C is equipped with an excellent radio unit that can balance its flight behavior and direction. It has about seven buttons that function pretty well. The controller can fit comfortably into your hand. You’ll need 4AA Batteries to operate. However, the batteries may not be included in your package, and you may need to purchase them separately. The remote distance is approximately 50 meters and works in all directions. The spread spectrum technology provides greater remote-control distance and accuracy.


Syma X5C Review Video


Syma X5C Pros

It can handle decently in various environmental conditions. You can fly it while indoors or outdoors and when there’s little or no wind. It has the power to withstand light winds and breezy weather. It is very durable and can survive harsh crashes on all surfaces including rocks, trees, and pavements. It is pretty simple to assemble, fly and even synchronize. This makes it ideal for the beginners and novices alike. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve flown a drone before or not. You only need thirty minutes of training, and you’ll be good to go. The battery can be charged via a USB so you can recharge in your car while traveling. It is relatively stable and easy to control. If you are a beginner and fear crashing, then this is the right drone to start with.

The replacement parts including the propellers are easy to find. In case your gets damaged, then there is no need to worry as they are easy to come by. The battery life is outstanding and provides you with an extended flight time. This means more and more play time and fun. You can also buy extra batteries to extend your play time. The drone is super-responsive to the transmitter remote control. From an ergonomic standpoint, you will enjoy controlling the drone. It also fits snugly into your hands. If you’ll be flying it in windless and calm weather, then this drone will provide you a smooth flight experience.

Syma X5C Cons

The most notable con of this drone is the camera quality. It has a low resolution of 2MP. While the camera comes in HD, the quality of the camera is not that outstanding compared to other high-end camera drones. In good lighting, the videos and pictures are great but not in HD quality. The lightweight design makes it challenging to navigate the drone in windy conditions. It is advisable not to fly the drone in areas with wind gusts of over 20 mph. Before buying this drone, this might be something big to think about.


If drone flying is your hobby, then you need to make more fascinating. This is through getting the right drone that meets your individual flying needs. Syma X5C is a standalone drone that balances both durability, flight speed, and camera performance. Regardless of whether you are a beginner venturing into aerial photography or a pro seeking to explore your geographical surrounding, then Syma X5C is the drone to go to. Hopefully you found this Syma X5C review helpful.


Syma X5C Drone

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Syma X5C Review


If you are an aerial photography enthusiast, then you deserve an incredible camera drone. The Syma X5C is one such drone that is packed with mindboggling features. This is a high-tech quadcopter drone that is designed for beginners and seasoned fliers alike. If you are a beginner and want to explore drone flying, then this is the right drone to get you started.

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