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The Quadcopter Syma X5SW Review


50 m Control Range

45 min Recharge

8 min Flight Time

Wifi FPV Camera


This medium-sized quadcopter is perfect for starting out flying FPV capable quadcopters. This drone has an attractive, classy, and very durable design making it suitable for beginners who want to try out capturing videos and images from a quadcopter. You can fly this drone both indoors and outdoors, and perform some stunts at the push of a button.

This drone is made of durable plastic and is robust to falls and impacts. However, if you do manage to break something, you can always order extra parts and get back to flying. The enclosed pinion gears and motors is a nice feature which prevents strands of hair or material from damaging the motor.

There are green LEDs in the front and red LEDs in the back. The LEDs light up the legs which make for a cool visual when the drone is taking off and landing. The landing gear legs pop in place, and there are screws that attach the legs permanently. However, the clips are pretty strong, so you could opt to remove the screws, and save a bit of weight. This drone is an upgraded version of the Syma X5C line of quadcopters. This model is similar to the X5SC-1, and is available in black and white colors.


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Pros and Cons

Take a video selfie while flying

This drone is a great way to start with aerial videos.

Smooth and stable flight performance

The smart flight computer and sensors make for smooth flying.

Durable construction

This drone is made of quality materials and good build.

No products found.

No products found.

Fixed camera view

Camera viewing angle is fixed and can’t be changed.

Affected by winds.

This drone is small, so is more affected by winds.

Slight transmission interference

Transmission interference can affect the recorded video.


The camera allows real-time transmission of video to a receiving device, such as a smartphone which clips onto the controller. The clip attaches onto the controller, so you can watch the captured video while you fly the drone. The camera is controlled by an application that you download for your smartphone. You can download the Syma FPV camera app for Android or Apple OS phones. The captured video is not stored onboard. You can see the small antenna sticking out of the back of the drone, which is used to transmit the captured video or images to your smartphone using wifi.

The camera is pointed down slightly down from the drone and is fixed in this position. If you don’t want to take video or images while flying, you can detach the camera from the drone. This reduces the weight slightly, and provides a corresponding increase in flight time. The camera has a slide mount, which allows the removal of the camera without having to get out your screwdriver.

Battery and Flight Time

The battery takes about an hour to charge. The flight times vary depending on whether you are using the camera or not. If the camera is always on, you will get about 6 minutes until you get the low-level battery warning. With the camera and prop guards removed, you will get about 8 minutes of flight time. So eliminating the camera weight and power needs give you an extra 2 minutes of flight time.

There is a battery bay at the back of the drone, which has plenty of room for the battery which means you could experiment with using a higher capacity battery. The video capture and transmission do take up power, so it would be worth investing in a higher capacity battery. If you see the drone lights start blinking, it means the battery is about to run out, so you need to bring the drone back to yourself.


Syma X5SW Review Video


The standard controller operates on a 2.5 GHz frequency and uses 4 AA batteries that are not included. You can set the two levels of yaw mode using the left bumper button. If you press and hold the left bumper, the quadcopter enters the headless mode. Holding the right bumper and moving the right stick will cause the drone the do a flip in the direction that you want. You can also re-calibrate the accelerometers, compass, and gyros from the controller

Flight Performance

This drone features smooth and stable flight performance, which is important for stable videos. It is a bit slow on the yaw rate, but the flip mode is really fun. The range of the quadcopter is good. It can go as far as 100 yards without any loss of signal. If you turn off the controller, the quadcopter stops flying and drops. This prevents your drone from flying off.

This drone has a low and high flight speed. The low setting is ideal for beginners and if you are flying inside. The high mode ramps up the performance of the X5SW, allowing it move at a much faster rate.

The headless mode works well, but be sure to launch the drone away from you to make sure this function works properly. The proportional throttle control really helps to keep the drone flying level. You can compensate for wind by adjusting the trim. However, don’t try flying this drone in winds higher than 10mph, or you may lose your Syma X5SW in a tree.

Despite the wind problem, this drone is a very stable drone to fly. It is easy to hover, and is very responsive, especially when flown indoors.

Syma X5SW Review Summary

This drone is a very good experience for someone who wants to try out a FPV capable quadcopter. The simple and robust design coupled with the affordable factor makes this an attractive drone. This drone is excellent for beginner flyers, or experienced drone pilots who need a cheap trainer to perfect their flying skills. It is remarkably stable and really fun to fly.


Syma X5SW

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Syma X5SW Review Brief


The [easyazon_link identifier=”B011JV9HA2″ locale=”US” tag=”droneomega-20″]Syma X5SW quadcopter[/easyazon_link] is the perfecty entry level drone to experience FPV video flying. The onboard HD camera allows you to take photos and videos while flying, giving you a new perspective to aerial imaging. This drone is surprisingly stable in even medium winds, making it perfect for flying outside. If you just want to fly the drone, you can remove the camera and fly even longer. Not only does this quadcopter flies well, it is very durable and can withstand crashes. This quadcopter will provide you with hours of fun for a relatively inexpensive price. Overall, this is a very fun, and easy to control quadcopter. Read the full Syma X5SW review for more information.

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